5 Things You Should Learn How to Do Before Going to a University

The university is a place where we learn things that will shape our future, but there are some very important things we need to know before even going to a university.

If you don’t learn these things before leaving for a university, it might be very hard to learn them during or after your university days.

  • Learn something about your course of choice

Learn something about what you want to go and study in the university. For example, if you want to study computer engineering; learn some computer repairing skills, if you want to be a mechanical engineer; please learn some mechanic, even if it is how to change car batteries only.

Am not saying you have to be a master in your area of study before going to school, but at least learn some practical that can give you more edge over your course mates.

  • Learn basic computer skills

This days, almost every work of life have a use for computer, moreover you will be doing a lot of projects, test and online research at school, no matter your course of choice. So it is reasonable to know how to do all this things yourself using a computer. If not you will spend a lot of money paying for the services of a cyber cafés.

  • Learn how to do some house chores

This is not for girls alone, even the guys are included. At school you will be doing a lot of cooking, washing and cleaning, so it is wise to learn how to do all this things before leaving for school.

  • Learn how to be patience with people

University is a place where you will meet different kind of people who have different kind of characters. And most times their character will not be totally acceptable to you.

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So learning how to patiently handle people is something you really have to know before leaving home for school.

  • Learn how to make your point quickly and clear

This is a skill that most lectures want in students during examinations. Go straight to the point and stop beating around the bush you will hear them say.

When you make your point quick and clear, it makes other students to respect you for who you are and you will hardly have problems with your friends at school.


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