5 Teeth Whitening Techniques That Works Very Fast

The color of your teeth is one very important factor that adds to the beauty of your face. People with whiter teeth are usually considered to be younger than their age while those with yellowish teeth are considered old.

Having white teeth can add to your self-confidence and increase the number of times you smile in a day. Little wonder about 18 percent of people usually hide their teeth in photographs because they are embarrassed about the yellowish appearance of their teeth.

If you smile into the mirror and you are self-conscious about your not so white teeth then you must be looking for ways to make them whiter as soon as possible. This article is for you, so read to the end.

  1. Brush your teeth with whitening paste but don’t over brush

Most of the stains on your teeth are removable if only you can brush regularly with whitening tooth pastes.

It is advisable to brush your teeth immediately after eating break-fast and also after dinner because then the stains from the food you ate are still fresh and can be easily removed.

Also you should brush or flush your mouth with water immediately after eating sugary substances like sweets, chocolates and sugary drinks.

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It is very important to brush your teeth but over brushing it can be damaging to your teeth too. When you brush, you should not brush too hard so that you don’t destroy the enamel (protective layer) of your teeth.

  1. Use charcoal on your teeth

Yes I said charcoal! Charcoal has been known as one of the most effective natural way of removing stains from the teeth and it is also effective in making your teeth white.

To use charcoal on your teeth, simply get some charcoal from the market, grind it into powder and apply on your tooth brush, use it to brush your teeth properly, especially the front side of your teeth, do this for like two minutes then you should flush your mouth with water properly. You can do this daily and in no time you will start noticing some changes.

  1. Use coconut oil on your teeth

Coconut oil is a very good teeth whitening oil because it contains some anti-bacteria which can help loosen the sticky stains on the teeth without affecting the enamel.

Simply swish your mouth with a little quantity of coconut oil for like ten minutes, make sure it touches all your teeth them you brush using your regular whitening tooth paste. You can do this daily if you can.

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Another advantage of coconut oil is that it helps fight bacteria that cause mouth odor. The disadvantage of using coconut oil is that the oil is very expensive in the market.

  1. Eat an apple daily

When you bit your teeth into apple it helps to remove sticky materials in your teeth. Use your front teeth to bit into the apple and let it go down to the base of your teeth, up to the gums.

This technique will work best if the apple is fresh and firm. It is advisable to use tart apple for this instead of a soft one.

  1. Use sugarless chewing gum

Chewing sugarless gum is a good way to keep your mouth fresh during the day and it is also temporarily brightens your teeth by removing any food particles that might have stuck to your teeth during the day.


Do you have any technique that have worked for you other than the once listed here? please share using the comment box bellow.


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