5 Important Things Everybody Need To Know About National Open University Of Nigeria

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  • 1. It is a global concept.
  • 2. Admission is easy and open.
  • 3. National Open University is a Federal Government of Nigeria School
  • 4. NYSC exception letter
  • 5. There's no such thing as union action or strike
It is true that one of the basic reasons for education is to acquire useful information and skills. And the National Open University of Nigeria is one of those centres in which information and skills are believed to be rendered.

But, it is also true that the National Open University of Nigeria is one of those education centres seems to be known about it.

As a matter of fact, their system of operation with regards to admission, lecturing, campuses, hostels, and everything that has got to do with the modus operandi of a university is to some extent unknown to the vast majority of people.

And unless you are a student of NOUN, it is quite difficult for much about this institution; as this is not the case with other higher institution.

However, with over four hundred thousand students and seventy centres nationwide to their name, it is now important to look into the school and see what they have to offer.

Here are five things you should know about National Open University of Nigeria

1.      It is a global concept.

Open University is a global educational concept that has been around for over 40years. It did not start in Nigeria.

As of today, there are more than 60 open universities in the world, in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, India, Thailand, UK, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Israel, Malaysia, Netherland, Japan, Greece and some more

Originally, the concept of Open University was birthed with the belief that communications technology could bring high-quality degree-level learning to people who had not had the opportunity to attend traditional campus universities.

2.      Admission is easy and open.

This for me is one of the interesting things about NOUN. You don’t need JAMB or post JAMB to gain admission into its centres. NOUN admits students every semester and forms are continually on sale.

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3.      National Open University is a Federal Government of Nigeria School

As a Federal Government University; it is believed that NOUN is favored. There is no fear of credibility or authenticity of license.

The university is NUC approved for graduates, Masters and Ph.D. programmes. NUC approval is the ultimate; it is what makes university a university in Nigeria.

4.      NYSC exception letter

It should be noted here that NYSC was not created to confirm university degrees. NYSC certificate is just saying “you have served your country.”

Yes, NOUN graduate doesn’t get call-up letters for youth service, but NYSC exception letters are made available to them, and it is equivalent to NYSC certificate.

As earlier said, NOUN has over four hundred thousand students and still growing; this is equivalent to the population of 10-20 Universities.

Should you incorporate that population to NYSC, NYSC will need almost double of its facility to accommodate the numbers.

5.      There’s no such thing as union action or strike

in a country like ours where it is common for a year or two, to be added to the supposed year of graduation as a result of certain factors like ASUU strike and student protest,

at NOUN, there’s no such thing like that.

Record has it that you won’t be spending an extra year or more. You are almost certain of your year of graduation even from the beginning.


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