5 Very Important Advice that University Students Don’t Hear

In the university the same old advice are been passed around to students year in year out, but in reality what works for me might not work for you.

We all need to discover ourselves and understand how best you we can put our resources to work better for us.

  1. Start pursuing your career right from the first year

Don’t just go to the university to read books, attend classes and pass exams. Get practical training on your chosen career; there is some professional training you can get while still in the university that will add more edge to your resume.

Most students plan to do this after getting their degree but the truth is that it is not usually easy, after you graduate you will hardly get as much free time as you get when in school.

  1. Adjust your schedule around when you are more academically productive

Some people prefer doing their assignment medially after lectures, while some feel it is best done few hours before the time to submit the assignment, while some might prefer reading during the day others might prefer to study at night. It all falls down to knowing when you are more productive.


The key point is that you should know the time that you are more academically productive and then adjust your academic activities around that time.

  1. Discover yourself while you are still in the university

You should use the time you will spend in the university to reflect on your life and understand yourself better, you might not have free time to do this after you graduate.

Take advantage of the university and it various experiences to develop you skills and characters, work on your relationship with others and build good habits.

  1. Focus on your relationship with people more than your studies

Most times you hear your parents say that they have a contact in an office or organization that can help them out with solution to a particular problem; most of these contacts/people are old school mates and longtime friends.

The quality of relationship you build in the university can be very important to your success in life. You should build good relationships with people who are focused on their career and know what they want from life, they don’t have to be in the same field as you.

  1. Don’t be too quick to specialize with one kind of people

Immediately some people gets into the university, they start associating with only a particular group of people, thereby telling people from other groups to keep off.

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When you are too quick to specialize yourself with a particular group of people, it cuts you off from other aspect of the world and make you miss out on other aspect of your life.


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