5 Activities You Can Engage in While Schooling in National Open University of Nigeria

As an Open University student, you will have a lot of free time, because you don’t have to confine yourself to a school hostel and also there will be no daily lecture schedule which you have to keep up with.

The problem is that most students use these free times to engage in all kinds of illicit activities, things that will neither benefit them or their community.

A wise student can channel this “free times” into meaningful and productive activities, things that can be of immense good to them and their society at large.

I have compile a list of activities that an open university student can take interest in and still have enough time for his academic activities. You can simply pick any one that interest you and start working toward it.

Remember the old adage that says “An idle mind is the devils work shop”, it is definitely true.

  1. Get a Job

We all know the slogan of the school – work and learn. There are stress free and good paying jobs that a NOUN students can get. Just remember when looking for a job, get the once that will give a enough study time.

You should take a government job or other skilled jobs like Hotel worker, Secretary, sales person and so on, most of the times this jobs are rationed among staffs, this way the days you have off can be used for study.

  1. Start your own business

If you have the capital and technical know-how, you can start up a small business that will not affect your study time.

  1. Acquire a new skill

You can use your free time to acquire kills like bead making, tailoring, computer literacy, catering and the likes. These skills can come in handy after you finish school, they can keep you busy and give you little money while you look for a job with your degree

  1. Learn a new Language

You can use your free time to learn a new local or international language. It can be fun and adventurous for you.

  1. Engage in community services

You can engage in actives that help to improve your community. Here is a list of community services you can engage in

  • Do environment cleaning for widows and physically handicapped
  • Tutor someone learning your language.
  • Organize an emergency preparedness seminar for your neighborhood.
  • Clean out your closet, and donate clothes you no longer use.
  • Tape record the newspaper for any blind people in your community.
  • Keep your room clean — a great service to your parents.
  • Run errands for people unable to leave their homes.

Think of any good community service activity that is applicable to the local community you leave in.

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