4 Ways to Be the Coolest Kid in School

Being cool in school is one of the best things that can happen to any student in school. We all want to be cool, but being cool is different from person to person, what works for John might not work for Paul. You don’t have to be like another person, a celebrity or a movie star to look cool. Just know what works best for you and be yourself. When you are always yourself, without trying to be like other people, you will be unique and people will respect you for that.

  1. Be Cool With What You Wear

Try to be creative with the kind of outfit you wear, try different color of dress until you get the one that you feel good about.

Pick the dress you will wear the night before school day, this way you will have enough time to go through the cloth in your box/Wardrobe without being in a hurry.

Also, try to always have a good haircut, don’t let you hair to grow out of shape before trimming them. It don’t have to be too stylish, just a simple low cut might be ok, you can ask your  Baber for his opinion on which haircut will fit you best.

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Get in good physical shape, do a little Exercise, simple early morning jugging can make a big difference.

  1. Be Cool In School

When you are in school, Walk confidently, always walk like you are someone very important. Guys walk with chest out a little bit, don’t put your chest out too much, it just make you look ridiculous.

Try to smile a lot. Been cool does not mean you have to be unfriendly and inconsiderate of others. When you smile a lot, people tend to noticed you more and also want to around you a lot.

When you talk with people, try to make eye contact with them from time to time and also lean up against things like the a wall or desk.

  1. Be Cool In Your Personality

One of the most important rules about being cool is not to try too hard to be cool, let things flow naturally, try to stay low key, it might be hard to do but with little practice you can do it.

Always be confidence about yourself. Don’t act like you care about what others think about you. When you are confidence it makes people believe in you more. Don’t try too hard, just have fun and you will be as cool as it can be.

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Take sincere interest in what other people do. Compliment them when they do cool things. Get to know new people and don’t be afraid to try new things.

  1. Take Up Cool Activities

Find a sport you like and take part in it. Almost every one that plays sport in school is cool. Just being in a sport like basketball or football don’t make you look cool, you have to know how to play the sport. You don’t have to be the best in the game, but you need to know enough about the sport to make the team want you among them.

You can also try out other cool activities like music, drama, join clubs and organizations in school, find things you are passionate about and do them.


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