4 Sure Ways to Know If You Are a Genius

According to Oxford Dictionary, a Genius is a person with an exceptional intellectual or creative power or the natural ability to do something. This simply means that anyone who shows great intelligence in a particular field or aspect of life is a genius.

Someone who has exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability in a particular area of activity or field is known as a genius.

The question most people ask is how do I know if I am a genius? Is my child a genius or how do I identify a genius? Here are four ways to know if you or some else is a genius.

  1. If you worry that you might not be a genius

The fact that you have a obsessional thought about whether you are a genius or not might be a big sign to show that you are actually a genius.

Most big inventions come about because someone somewhere was worried about the old and outdated method of doing things. So, worrying is actually the first step to discovering the genius in you.

Someone who is cheerful and happy all the time usually don’t come up with big ideas because they are happy with things the way they are, but when you worry about how things are the feeling of changing them  will follow, then you will start thinking of ways to make them better.

  1. If you talk to yourself sometimes

People who talk to themselves are not always crazy people, they are most time geniuses.

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You will always hear great inventors and professors talk to themselves out loud; they might say things like if i join A and B what will be the outcome? Why is C always used to produce a result? Is it ok to add X to Z or should I do it the other way round?

Talking to yourself helps you see things from various perspectives and usually you come up with better solutions when you talk to yourself about the problems.

Great speakers always say they give themselves pep talks before giving a big speech; most successful people give themselves pep talks before living their home for work every day.

For those of you that don’t know what a pep talk is, it is a kind of motivational speech you give to yourself to help boast your confidence or lift your spirit, you can give yourself pep talks like I am better than the best!, today is a good day!, I will meet success today etc. most people give themselves pep talks when they pray.

  1. If people usually don’t understand you at first

Most geniuses are not socially inclined people; they are usually not understood by people until they explain themselves and the reasons for their actions.

While other people are going to the cinema to watch a movie and have a good time, a genius goes to the cinema to know how light from a box sends motion pictures to a plain white cloth.

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Because they are generally misunderstood, most geniuses are loners, they always take advantage of these lonely times to think about things and find solution to problems.

People are usually bored when they are around a genius but they are wowed and entertained by the inventions of a genius, for example, if you have ever been to a TV repairer’s shop and you have to wait for the engineer to fix your TV, you will be bored to hell, but after the TV is fixed you will be happy you had taken the TV to the boring shop.

  1. If you have big imaginations

Children with big imaginations have been known to be more intelligent than those with little or no imaginations.

Geniuses tend to have an exceptional imagination which helps them to create something new in their field of interest.

Geniuses admire the works of other genius and imagine how to make them better. A research by Galenson suggests that creativity can be expressed as a continuous process rather than an experimental or conceptual process. So when you keep imagining how you want things to be, you will start working on ways to bring your imaginations to reality.


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