TMA1/SED324 – School Science Laboratory

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=9.50
SED324 – School Science Laboratory
Mr Ejembi John E. ( )
1 Sectioning razors microtone and blades are jointly called
2 A delibrate puncture of the skin to take blood is called blood
3 Electricity and electrical appliances cause which class of fire?
4 The sources of class B fire are
5 Which of the following materials CANNOT produce in the laoratory?
6 Fire triangle contains
7 The oxygen supply for a fire generally comes from about _____ by volume of air.
8 Peroxides and dichromates are examples of
9 Which of the following is NOT necessary for any fire to take place?
10 The commonest source of fire in the laboratory is
11 The main source of oxygen is
12 Vapourising liquids could be used to extinguish all these classes of fire EXCEPT
13 Whereever fire breaks out in the laboratory, one must be consciuos of
14 Where is the appropriate place to position the fire extinguisher in the laboratory?
15 These activities could be carried out in a library EXCEPT
16 The mode of extinguishing fire depends on
17 The personnel that are responsible for extinguishing fire outbreak are called
18 Which class of fire could be water put off?
19 If fire is produced by spilled liquid, the best extinguisher is
20 The most readily available laboratory fire extinguisher is
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