3 very wrong advice parents give to their kids about going to school

When trying to advice their kids on why they really need to go school, some parents give their kids very wrong advice that might make the kid want to go to school but not for the purpose of learning.

If after going through school and the child have not learnt the basics of the career they want to take on in life; then there is something really wrong somewhere. This is one of the reasons why African market is filled with job seekers instead of job creators.

  1. Go to school so that you can get a good job

While this might look like a good advice, kids tend to take it the wrong way. When a kid thinks the sole reason why he is going to school is to get a good paying job after graduation he might not take learning too serious, he will only take passing his examinations serious.

When such ideas are what kids grow up with, they will only read to pass their examinations instead of reading to understand. In worst cases, they don’t even read at all, they just look for other means to pass the exam; that is why examination malpractice is on the increase in Africa.

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  1. If you don’t get a degree, you will not be successful in life

Who said so? Who said you must have a university degree to be successful in life? This advice is just so wrong.

Some kids have special talents in sports, music, fashion designing, art and so on. But their parents are bent on sending them to the university to become a doctor or engineer.

The plain truth is that there are some kids who don’t need circular education, what they really need are special education that can enhance their natural talents.

  1. The person that came top in your class, do they have more than one head?

Most African parents use this line on their kids when they come home with bad results. To be straight with you, this is one of the most demoralizing statement you can say to your kids.

When you say things like this to your kids, they start to feel inferior to the other kids. They will start thinking that no matter how hard they try, they will never be has good as those kids who came top in class and then they stop trying to be better academically.

They best thing a good parent can do for a kid who is not academically good is to look into the reason why the kid fails in school and provide solution instead of comparing the child with other children.

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