3 Very Important Details You Need To Know About Rich People

  1. Rich don’t work “hard”

Most rich people are not rich because of their “hard” work but because of their ancestors or parents work or investments in stolen indigenous resources, aka Mama Earht’s buying and selling, exploitation of workers and/or industries locally and globally that exploit people and their labor as well as unseen, mis-understood ways that money and race make an endless list of hook-ups behind closed doors for other rich people with race and class privilege to get continued access for each other.

just because they have money doesn’t mean they earned it or should decide who deserves it or how to use it wisely. In fact they usually waste a whole lot of money, because they never had to struggle for it, earn it or understand it.

  1. The rich believe in the law of income.

The rich believe that they will be paid in direct proportion to the value that they deliver to the marketplace. In other words, if they are integral in forming a product that nearly everyone in the world wants/needs, then they should be compensated accordingly.

I personally know the inventor of the self-dimming rear-view mirror, which is now in almost every car in America. Do you think it would be fair to only pay him $15 an hour for the time he put into this invention? Or, since his product has been an amazing success, perhaps he should receive a portion of the proceeds from each sale? I believe in capitalism and am a big fan of the latter.

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Poor people believe that we should all be paid the same amount, regardless of the outcome that we produce. With this mentality, innovation would likely cease to exist and the poor would still be poor, and on top of this everyone else would be poor along with them. I don’t know about you, but this is not the future I want for my children.

  1. The rich associate with positive, successful people.

Rich people know that attitude is everything. If they continually hang out with people that complain about the weather, bad-mouth the government, and speak negatively about the state of the economy, then they will likely start doing the same thing! If, however, these same people start hanging around individuals that continuously talk about success, opportunity, and the positive things in life, chances are that they will see the world from an entirely different perspective!

Instead of the world being a terrible place to live, it suddenly becomes a glowing land of success and opportunity. A great example of this is United States citizens vs. immigrants into the States. Immigrants are 4x more likely to become millionaires than those of us that grew up here. The main reason? We talk about the negatives of living in this nation, while immigrants see it as the land of opportunity. Quite frankly, it is what you make of it.

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