TMA1/GST203 – Introduction to Philosophy and Logic

TMA Quiz Questions
SCORE= 10.00
GST203 – Introduction to Philosophy and Logic
Mr. Amusa Jamiu Oluwadamilare ( )
1 Despite the breaking away of natural and social sciences, does philosophy still remain the parent discipline of other discipline? _____
2 Etymologically, philosophy means _____
3 ____ is the study of the method and principles used in distinguishing correct from incorrect reasoning
4 An argument in which the premises do not lead to conclusion and certainty and is based on probabiltiy is called _____
5 ______ is the study of the first principle or ultimate reality
6 The coinage of the word metaphysics can be credited to _____
7 The branch of philosophy which deals with the theory of knowledge is called
8 The questions “what is mind” Does God exist” can be linked to branch of philosophy called
9 Which of these statement is having problem
10 The statement in option _______ is false
11 The relationship and difference between knowledge, opinion and belief depend on the person’s ________
12 When a philosopher possess information that is beyond doubt, we can use the term ______
13 If we know X, all the following are correct except __________
14 From the understanding of a layman_____ is the general theory or principle about how we ought to conduct our lives
15 The origin of philosophy can be traced to the _____
16 The first man to make a standard comment about the nature and definition of philosophy was ____
17 ____ was credited with the prediction of the eclipse of 585 B.C.
18 _____ made an ingenious guess that man was originally born from animals of another species
19 Once upon a time, philosophy was pregnant and gave birth to many children. _____ is the oldest child of philosophy
20 The statement that philosophy is the first and the last science can be credited to _____
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