TMA4/GST102 – Use of English & Communication Skills II

TMA Quiz Questions

GST102 – Use of English & Communication Skills II
Ms. Onwumelu Nora ( )



1 Which of the following may not form the topic sentence of a paragraph?

A. a statement
B. a problem
C. a rhyme  
D. a generalisation

2 The ________ is commonly found in formal writing.

A. active voice  
B. open voice
C. passive voice
D. closed voice

3 In spoken or written communication, being formal or informal depends on ________

A. the way we communicate
B. the way we listen
C. the situation  
D. the geographical location

4 The consonant /b/ is present in one of these words

A. tomb
B. comb
C. born  
D. climb

5 The central controlling theme of a paragraph may be called the ________

A. topic of the paragraph  
B. topic sentence
C. descriptive theme
D. detailed subject matter of the paragraph

6 The informal forms of words like deteriorate and aperture are ________

A. castigate and infiltrate
B. get worse and opening  
C. blow up and take in
D. come across and look into

7 Clarity is very important when developing a paragraph by the ________ method.

A. cause and effect  
B. narrative
C. descriptive
D. argumentative

8 In writing, when you work with several causes or reasons, you may find difficulty ________

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A. defining the causes
B. arranging them in a significant order  
C. providing specific solutions to the causes
D. writing about the causes or reasons with details

9 When a writer gives examples in a given paragraph they are called ________

A. descriptions
B. illustrations  
C. cause and effect
D. detailed definitions

10 Illustrations in a paragraph are usually developed with interesting ________

A. details  
B. commentary
C. arguments
D. paragraphs

11 The main idea in a paragraph is usually conveyed by the ________

A. topic sentence  
B. illustrations
C. descriptions
D. expressions of contrasts

12 The sound /ʧ/ can be found in the word ________

A. leisure
B. chagrin
C. watch  
D. brace

13 In formal written language the speaker ________ directly to himself or herself

A. often refers
B. does not refer  
C. may refer
D. may be referring

14 A more ________ is needed to achieve a better description.

A. precise writing style
B. precise illustration
C. precise techniques of comparison
D. precise vocabulary  

15 In descriptions, you need to be very conversant with the appropriate ________ to use

A. steps
B. words  
C. idioms
D. structures

16 The language of official reports and business letters is often ________

A. formal  
B. semi-formal
C. informal
D. conservative

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17 The use of contracted forms of words is generally absent in ________ writing

A. formal  
B. informal
C. semi-formal
D. traditional

18 Which of the following words contain the sound /a:/

A. add
B. calm  
C. want
D. daughter

19 Items like shapes, patterns, colours and textures are ideal in ________

A. an expository writing
B. a narrative writing
C. a descriptive writing  
D. an argumentative writing

20 The vowel /ʌ/ can be found in the word ________

A. carpet
B. rapper
C. supper  
D. cartel


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