10 Ways Your Life Will Change After Heading Off To University

Change they say is constant if not the world would be a boring place to live in.

If you think that you live will remain the same after moving to a university, away from the comfort of your parents’ home, from the people and environment you are used to, then you must be the biggest joke of the year.

The environment at school, the people and their life style will be different from the once you use to know and gradually they are going to affect your in ways that you never imagine. So, here are some changes you should lookout for.

  1. Independence

No more parents to set boundaries; you can now eat what you like, do things when you want to do them, stay out for as long as you want with no one monitoring you.

  1. Responsibilities

With freedom come responsibilities. You have to make your food by yourself now; no more mommy to do that for you. It is now your job to keep yourself save and take care of your needs. You have to always keep your academic life in check; wake up in time for lectures and keep your grades high.

  1. New Habits

Your sleeping, eating and social habits will definitely change. Habits of friends you meet in school will change some of your habits, just as some of yours will change theirs too.

  1. New Friends

When you were about to leave home for school, you must have thought that you cannot do without you friends, in university you are going to make so many new friends that you will not have time to think about your old friends at home.

  1. Future Spouse

Like 70% of people meet their future mate at school, the relationships you keep at school change the way you view the opposite sex. No wander some want to get married as soon as they graduate.

  1. Getting a chance to outline the rest of your life.

You are in school, living on your own, and in charge of your life. You won’t be able to pinpoint every single step until you turn 65 years old. But you will have the time and the space to mull over what the ideal life will be for you. Start with a perfect day….what does that look like? Then a perfect week, a perfect month, and so on and so on. Obviously there will be pivots as you grow older. You won’t be doing the same physical activities in your fifties as you may enjoy at 22. The same goes for your future career, you can just transition as you desire. You are the author of your own story now, so you can just write yourself into the hero that you like to become in your own life.

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