How to Submit Your Tutor-Marked Assignment (TMA) on the National Open University of Nigeria Portal – Nouonline.Net

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  1. Kolawole Oladapo says:

    Good day,
    How do I get past questions for MTH312, MTH302, MTH305, MTH308, MTH382, MTH315

  2. Roselyn says:

    Pls how do I get past questions for LAW241

  3. Adi A. Abel says:

    Good job, God bless you

  4. zion says:

    Pls I wld like 2 knw if I can rewrite papers I got f on… I registered them but did not write them n I got f on them.. pls can I reregister them again n write…

    • Paul White says:

      Yes you can register them again, but if you register a course and did not seat for the exam you are not supposed to get F on the course.

      You should go to ur study center and explain to a staff there.

  5. otusanya tolulope says:

    pls my tma has not been loaded, wot should i do

  6. AGADA. J .MATTHEW says:

    Hello my good friend’s in national open university of nigeria, good day to u all far and near i says to u all may days be long on earth, long LiVe NOUN,long LiV e my follow student long LiVes Nigeria,HAPPY EAsTER.

  7. Danjuma says:

    Hi 3 of my courses are showing TMA not available. I’ve complained and it’s still the same yet

  8. Barbara Mangiri says:

    Hello, TMA for four of my courses are not available. If they don’t show until the exam starts what should I do?

    Also please where do I check the Timetable? How do I know when exams starts?
    They just told me June at the centre.

  9. lfechukwu Romanus Iweanya says:

    tma question

  10. Nura Y Tsaure says:

    I found it difficult to submit my tma

  11. Essien says:

    I registered 4 courses BT am seeing only Two courses that is available for TMA. D order two are nt dir @ all. What shld I do pls?

  12. Francisca Edem says:

    I can’t submit my tma,what should I do?

  13. Dada Abimbola says:

    Please i need tma questions and answers for the following courses; Ent 424, Ent407, Ent431, Ent421, Bus451, Bus427. Thank you

  14. Job Telo Mbah says:

    pls i haven’t received my remaining tma upto now, say to me not available. please what i now do?

  15. Job Telo Mbah says:

    i can’t access my second semester part of my result

  16. Azua barnabas tarlumun says:

    My TMA is refusing to submit i try for several times but can not submit, what can i do.

  17. maryam idris says:

    Good day sir.will there be problem if I itemt all the TMAs I.e, TMA1-4.thanks

  18. ikemefuna Anthonia says:

    pls, I need questions and answers on the following courses. Mgs710,mgs724,mgs 756,mgs712,mgs742. tnx.


    Please, my TMA is not complete. It showing not Available

  20. Muodebelu Kelechi Maryann says:

    pls, help me with this TMA, PHS202, ANP204, PHS204, NSC104, PHS210, BIO102.

  21. Fabunmi Esther says:

    I can’t submit my tma

  22. janet jonah says:

    pls tma Porter is not opening, I have not submit anyone. I need tma BFN 405 question and answer. pls reply

  23. Ikponwosa presly odoko says:

    Please have been trying to drip my tma answer but it not showing

  24. Hanatu Eka says:

    pls what’s the latest time to submit my TMA

  25. joy says:

    Have answered some tma but recently the other tma am about to answer is showing not available why pls and what should I do as exam is close..
    Pls answer its urgent

  26. Blessed says:

    please how can i print my TMA result. and how i can i log in to the site

  27. Whitehead says:

    How can I log in to submit my TMA?

  28. hunge Noah says:

    I bought form last year due to system upgrade so I was ask to get another form wish I did nd was successful ,pls Hw can I be refunded of the unused admission form fee

    • raliat says:

      Have answered some of my tma but recently the other tma am about to answer is showing not available

  29. Gloria says:

    Please, last semester I registered Bed 111 (keyboarding) there was no tma for it. After d exams I dropped it. Now again, I’ve registered Bed 112 ( word processing) no tma too. In my portal when I was checking my tma I saw something like ( word processing – virtual). I want to no if they are still offering the 2 courses I mention or to do the exams without tma?

  30. Gloria says:

    Please, last semester I registered Bed 111 (keyboarding) there was no tma for it. After d exams I dropped it. Now again, I’ve registered Bed 112 ( word processing) no tma too. In my portal when I was checking my tma I saw something like ( word processing – virtual).

  31. Hannah says:

    I just stumbled on this site today and it is a very good and helpful one I must confess. But I discovered that it does not feature TMA questions and answers for my professional courses which is the NSC courses. I will really appreciate if you can help us with this. Thanks. NSC209, NSC201, NSC203, NSC205, NSC206.

  32. Daniel says:

    Pls do I get Pop past questions for the following courses. Cit 303, 305, 309, 311, 341

  33. Please TMA of ENT 121 is not yet ready please what is wrong

  34. mary abia says:

    where is the exam centre for pgd education,information is key please communicate

  35. pls wen r we starting the exam i mean 100l students

  36. Ebite Christiana says:

    I can’t summit my tma, after staying up late the whole night, now am still trying it is so frustrating…

  37. folarin olajide says:

    When i tried to submit my tma but is showing internal server error. What can i do? i need to submit my tma, examination is moving close i don’t even know when the examination will be starting. i need your help please.

  38. FUNMILAYO SOJOBI annie says:

    please help me. i ant to register a course i failed in 200 level but i have been trying for days not gaining access what should i do. i tried to generate another RRR but not going. i want to submit my TMA is not accessing what should i do

  39. ojo omolara Abigael says:

    balance money in my wallet of old portal is not reflecting in new portal kindly help me.

  40. Is every one having problem opining the TMA page on the portal……. it`s always shows temporary out of service, please how do we do.

    • I am having the same problems here, to make it worst, TMA portal is not like before that one can submit TMA more than one sitting; now one has to submit his TMA at once.

      But then again, the problem is that we have too many people trying to submit their TMA all at once and the effect of that is that the network will slow down.

  41. Trying to submit my tma but the network has been very terrible, what can I do to submit my tma please, because today is the last day for students in school of sciences. Thanks!!

  42. Okorie Tochukwu. K says:

    I really don’t understand what this school is turning to. Everything has changed to bad and the management seems to be doing nothing out the problems being faced by the student. We usually submit our TMA’s at ease, but these they, to even write exams in NOUN is a big problem. You people should do something about all these please.

  43. Dainty says:

    Pls I am a final year student. Is it compulsory I reseat for my carry over even after completing the number of required unit for my department

  44. tonye says:

    PLS EXdent the TMA time because the portal is not okay

  45. Isah Abel says:

    I registered eight (8) courses which I have successfully submitted the whole TMAs but one of my courses is not found on the times table, here is the code of the course (GST301), PLS what shall I do sir.

  46. Ekpere John says:

    Please my good friends, kindly notify me whenever the noun registration is out. And where to get them. Remain blessed.

  47. Nelson says:

    one of my courses had not been uploaded. In the course & exam registration slip, it’s PCR 351 and on the timetable it is 373. up till now i haven’t gotten the TMA and i am writing the exam on 17/7/2017. what should i do.

  48. Favour says:

    Good morning guys, thank you for a job well done to those that dedicate their time in answering our questions; God bless you. pls guys am desperately in need of these TMAs math211- introductn to set theory and abstract algebra and math241-introduction to real analysis (solve ones)

  49. Favour says:

    pls guys am desperately in need of the answers of these TMAs MTH211- introduction to set theory and abstract algebra and MTH241- introduction to real analysis.

  50. Favour says:

    Pls email it for me through

  51. Isah Abel says:

    Please I need exam past question paper on the following courses: eco341, eco347, eco329 and eco311.


    Good Afternoon GUYS please am desperately in need of these TMS pass question CIT101, POL111, GST 105, POL121, POL 123, ECO 121, INR 121, GST 107 AND 107. Please can any one get it for me before tomorrow.



  54. good morning sir,i find out that pcr 113 is not avalieable in my for tma,and the same couse is on exam time table,sir what should i do, pls help me sir

  55. Good morning sir,i find out that PCR 113 is not available for tma in my portal and the same course is on exam time table, pls sir what should i do sir,pls help me sir thanks sir

  56. good evening sir, i find out that PCR 113 is not available for tma in my portal,and the same course is on exam time table pls sir help me sir what should i do sir

  57. Busola says:

    Please is there open university in US or Canada?

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