Here Are Some Reasons Why Your Relationships Fail So Easily

Having a healthy relationship is a thing that any human been will cherish especially when you find that one person that you have always wanted. At the beginning of the relationship you feel on top of the world and you will think that things will never change between you two.

After some time, you start quarrelling and fighting with each other. Then you grow apart and start keeping secrets, at the end one or both of you will call it a quick; the breakup.

You probably starting asking yourself questions like why do my relationships fail? Is it me? Is it the kind of people I date? Or could it be because of the combinations of deferent kind of relationship that I have been in?

In this article we are going to see why some relationship fails.

  1. You have been dating the wrong people

Do you date the kind of people you see on TV, in movies or the magazine? Well my dear, if you notice something about celebrities; they always never stay in a relationship for long.

Come down to reality and see people for who they really are and not what they look like or dress like.

  1. You are too uptight

Probably you have been in one relationship that ended very badly and you feel all other people are the same. So you lock you emotions inside and you hardly show people that you care about them even when you do.

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When you lock you heart from everyone you will never know when the right person will come around. Believe me, there is a right person for every single person.

  1. You are a negative thinker

You believe noting good can come out of the relationship just because of the current situation of things. You mind is a very powerful thing my dear, what you believe in your heart most times are the way things turn out to be.

Believe you will have a good and healthy relationship in your mind and every other part of your body will work towards that for you.

  1. You give too easy

There is nothing bad with giving, but when you give too freely or without any boundaries or exceptions people tend to take advantage of you.

Two things that you should not give to someone in a relationship until you understand their intensions are money and se’x.

  1. you made your relationship too public

You start dating someone new today and the whole Facebook and Instagram already know your new partner. While this might look very innocent, but when your put something in public, everybody tend to give their own opinion and believe me most of this opinions can make you want to leave a very caring and loving person.

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Many marriages (not just relationship) have broken just because of what people say about the couples on social networks.

  1. You expect too much from your relationship

Relationship takes time to mature, when you get into a new relationship with someone and you start overly demanding attention, se’x, money or any other things, this can drive away a potentially good person from you.


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  1. No3 is absolutely very correct
    Another one very important.double dating (dating two people at a time) u can end up nt having any of them

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